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From Nature for Life

Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation was created as a U.S. subsidiary of Biotest AG in December 2007. Innovative technologies and a sharp focus on safety are incorporated into every facet of the business. Biotest AG has a rich history in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic products utilized in immunology and hematology. From plasma collection to product manufacturing and distribution – from nature for life – Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation is committed to maintaining these same high standards of excellence.

Biotest - A Rich History 


Biotest AG traces its roots to 1860 when the Schleussner family starts a company to provide the chemicals needed in the new and emerging technology of photography.

In cooperation with x-ray discoverer Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, the company begins manufacturing the plates required to produce x-ray images.


 The Biotest Serum Institute is established by Dr. Hans Schleussner, great-grandson of the founder, to focus on blood typing serology.  The company introduces the typing sera for Rh (anti-D), and a new product Biseko, a plasma preparation for therapeutic use.

Biotest introduces Intraglobin, a structurally complete and biologically intact IgG immunoglobulin; and Intraglobin F, a ready-to-use IgG.

Biotest offers hyper immunoglobulins (hyperimmunes), Hepatect (IgG – antiHBs), and two IV hyperimmunes: Varitect (IgG anti-VZV) and Cytotect (IgG anti-CMV). Pentaglobin®, an intravenouslytolerable IgM-enriched immunoglobulin is also introduced.

The company produces a double virus-inactivated factor VIII preparation (Haemoctin ® ) for persons with hemophilia.

Biotest introduces its fully automated blood typing system, and begins clinical testing of new monoclonal antibodies. The plasma protein business and the Biologics Business Unit of Nabi Biopharmaceuticals is acquired by Biotest AG in 2007.

Biotest continues its principal mission of introducing new disease fighting therapies with a series of significant developmental products in its pipeline.